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Back from Morocco!
Back from Morocco where I helped kick off a new project with my colleague and friend Gabriella Borovsky for the National Democratic Institute. After watching a record number of women just win local office (3406 compared to 127 in the last elections), we trained 25 of the coolest young women from Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya. This is a two-year program to give them a hand up on leadership in these countries where leaving their states without a father, brother, or husband is a hassle if not against the law.

It is back to the city of Seattle where I have wonderful candidates running for elections. Primary is August 18th and all the votes will be by mail. This weekend we head to British Columbia to share in the victories of the past BC elections, where a record number of women were just elected in the NDP.

Just another good week of refreshing politics in the shadow of the Obama guy!


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