About The Connections Group

It all began as Campaign Connection.

The Connections Group was launched 19 years ago by political and communications strategist Cathy Allen, who started the business with one message in mind: let's level the playing field for the rest of us and put more people in office that look like us, act like us, and live like us.

And that's just what we did.

Breaking new records for winning women candidates, Campaign Connection tallied more than 200 winning efforts in its first five years. Allen went on to author two books on winning campaigns — the latter now used as a standard text at many colleges, universities and campaign schools throughout the country.

Cathy Allen's book, Taking Back Politics is used at many colleges and universities.

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The Campaign Connection gave rise to a sister organization, Community Connections — using the same techniques in campaigns, only for public policy. Community Connections tallied hundreds of clients, from school district and city agencies to neighborhood groups and non-profit associations.

The two together form The Connections Group, a full-service consultancy dedicated to helping our clients achieve success in communicating clear, concise and effective messages. Our strategy — whether in political challenges, private sector goals or agency projects — remains constant: You need the right message going to the right people at the right time, several times, in a variety of ways.


That's what we do