The Connections Group Intern Program

Interested in taking part in community outreach on a grassroots level? Perhaps you are a student looking for useful experience involving the community or a professional interested in meaningful extra work? If this sounds like you, we invite you to consider our intern program.

Job Description:

Working with public agencies, nonprofits, and campaigns, The Connections Group is recruiting a pool of interns, preferably between 16 and 30 years of age, who are interested and available to work in civic engagement and peer-education projects on an as-needed event or project-oriented basis. The Connections Group is recruiting interns in the Seattle area to begin on projects as early as April 2008 and extending into 2009.

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Brief orientations and instructions will be provided at the beginning and throughout the internship. Interns will be working with our coordinator and will be assigned into different work groups depending on project requirements. Main responsibilities for the interns include:

  • Assisting at community events, fairs and festivals through distributing materials, sharing basic information about the client, staffing tables or booths, and engaging in fun events that help inform the general public in creative ways
  • Answering questions the public will raise and directing further inquiries to the proper source
  • Going door-to-door as well as making phone calls to reach people on their time and at their place
  • Reporting back with the facts, survey figures and insights offered by the public

Ideal candidates are expected to:

  • Be punctual and able to help for full desired time that day for that event or project
  • Present themselves to the community in a friendly and professional manner to ensure the most positive experience for everyone
  • Receive a two-day notice to several weeks notice to attend events and activities
  • Provide their own transportation to events and activities in Seattle
  • Be energetic and willing to pitch in and have fun helping out


  • Interns will work for an hourly rate of $10 to $12, depending on events and activities
  • Mileage and travel costs will be compensated
  • Interns also have the option of being compensated by earning school credit
  • T-shirts, jackets and ID buttons will be provided for interns to wear for most events and activities
  • Note: Interns will be scheduled for events and activities on projects requiring the need for Intern Public Outreach. Each Intern will be paid as an independent worker, responsible for all taxes and withholdings on any payments. When applicable The Connections Group, Inc will issue 1099 annual statements for tax purposes

To Apply:

Candidates should prepare a short resume and provide at least 2 references. Having previous community volunteer experience is definitely an asset (as is speaking another language), but not a requirement. To ask for an interview or further information, please call Carlo at (206) 443-1990 or email We have immediate positions available.