Taking Back Politics

"Taking Back Politics: An Insider's Guide to Winning" is the best investment you can make if you are seeking to run for office or run someone else for elected position. This book was called "one of the most practical, professional and realistic guides ever written about campaigns — the way they should be run" by Campaign & Elections Magazine.

Written by Cathy Allen as a defense in having to explain the fundamentals to yet again another class of campaign managers, the book is 400 pages of power-packed consulting that can help anyone get on track to a successful campaign. It includes:

Taking Back Politics
  • More than 50 pages of critical tips on fundraising
  • Objective criteria for deciding whether or not you should run
  • How to prepare for and handle negative attacks
  • How to develop a slogan that is meaningful
  • Understanding the political press
  • Getting volunteers when everyone wants to be paid
  • How to write a campaign budget
  • Sample campaign manager contracts
  • How to make your image and voice more powerful
  • How to position yourself against your opponent
  • Getting your endorsers to do something
  • New computer strategies to get votes

This book is being used around the world as the standard text of how to win more efficiently. Universities such as Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, George Washington, University of Michigan, Oberlin College, Ohio State, San Francisco State and many others routinely use the book for its political science and campaign schools.

To order "Taking Back Politics" please call: (206) 443-1990 or e-mail lkelly@connectionsgroup.org