Stanley Tsao

Vice President


Stanley Tsao brings over many years of community relations experience to The Connections Group team. Joining The Connections Group in October 2001, Tsao has managed outreach programs for numerous government initiatives and providing better government access to minority communities. Tsao has worked closely with a broad range of community groups, government agencies and non-profit organizations. His diverse communication skills allowed him to successfully recruit and train local volunteers to achieve these initiatives.

Tsao has worked and completed the following major research outreach projects: Aspen (Outreach Survey – City Council's Vote on the Aspen Club), King County Elections (Stakeholder Outreach Plan), King County (Survey of Stakeholders and Citizens – North Highline Annexation), and City of Burien (Survey of Stakeholders and Citizens – North Highline Annexation).

Tsao has also managed dozens of production projects for governmental, non-profit and campaign clients every year. From direct mail, phone message, to radio and TV commercial productions, Tsao has successfully produced these projects on time and on budget. He is also a targeting specialist and can tailor individual community and outreach plans for each client.

In his previous duties as Special Assistant to Ujjal Dosanjh, former Attorney General of British Columbia, Tsao handled issues management and media contacts on behalf of the Minister on a day-to-day basis. He was also appointed as the Ministerial Assistant to Minister of Multiculturalism and Immigration, Sue Hammell, and acted as the main liaison between the Minister and her government departments.

Tsao has an undergraduate degree in economics and political science from Simon Fraser University. He speaks fluent Cantonese and Mandarin.