Public Outreach and Engagement

You've made the decision to take your cause to the public. Whether it's a strategic plan, a media message, crisis communication, a trial balloon, or community outreach — The Connections Group has the experience and know-how to get you from the board room to the living room.

We can help you understand what your message means to different slices of the community. We have a solid record of forging cross-party and cross-interest coalitions to achieve our clients' public affairs goals, and we maintain outstanding relationships with a broad spectrum of core constituencies and community-based organizations. With direct mail, telephone banks, community meetings, and door-to-door canvassers, The Connections Group has the capability to mobilize support for your cause.

Take your message to:

  • Community Decision-Makers
    18+ years of political and public affairs experience provides us the credibility and access to open valuable relationship doors.
  • Neighborhoods and Local Media
    Connections Group consultants and interns not only know the ropes of their particular areas; they've developed great rapport with the people who report on the issues and activities they promote.
  • National Influencers
    The Connections Group is recognized as a leading consulting firm by the American Association of Political Consultants. We work with local organizations to raise their profiles on a national level through collaborations and national media strategies.
  • International and Cultural Associations
    Our passion is bringing together the best and brightest ideas around the world, linking communities of interest and building bridges of understanding among diverse cultures. We help our clients connect to the communities that want to reach.