Public Policy and Research

The Connections Group knows that a solid base of information provides the best foundation to establish any strategy, campaign, brand, service or direction. We understand that research and useful background information are imperative to the decisions that follow, and we use our research to help our clients engage effectively with the public, the press and elected officials.

Focus groups have become an increasingly popular tool for predicting future behavior of benefit to our clients. Our focus groups were important in:

  • Helping public agencies solicit information from the public that represents how the people feel — as opposed to the "usual suspects" who tend to dominate the microphones at public hearings.
  • Assisting law firms in determining which arguments are more persuasive in presenting legal arguments to a prospective jury.
  • Working with special targeted groups such as seniors, young people, small business leaders, and parents to determine what health care decisions they would prefer and which ones they were ambivalent about choosing.
  • Marketing new products to consumers on behalf of private companies who are looking to announce their products nationally.

The Connections Group also provides background and resume checks, online computer reviews, on-line surveying, individual interviews, and other more traditional forms of research.

We also coordinate polling and on-site surveys for clients and frequently provide power-point presentations of what people tell us.